noun: the substance produced when a lady becomes sexually aroused.

verb: to moonsugar - to become sexually aroused (female only)
I could tell she liked the way i was dancing, her pants were full of moonsugar.

oh my god, it was so amazing that i moonsugared right there and then.
by cunningfox October 27, 2007
Top Definition

1) A slang term for cocaine.

2) From the game Morrowind: a substance native to southern Elsweyr, harvested from the sugarcane groves of the Tenmar Forest. It is used as a seasoning in foods, a source of communion with the holy moons, a dangerously addictive drug, and an ingredient in another drug called skooma. Considered to be "crystalized moonlight" by the khajiit and regularly used in their cooking. Moon-sugar is invariably sweet and makes even the most bitter foods succulently savory.
"Huh? Oh, don't worry - I'm not normally like this. Just a little hopped up on moon-sugar!"
by Zevirov April 23, 2004
A kiss applied to the buttocks, a more polite way to say kiss my ass.
ho, ho , ho that was pretty funny, how about you apply some Moon Sugar right here.
by 3mta3 September 19, 2014
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