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Music to fuck to.
Andrewa00101- @DILLONFRANCIS what the fuck is moombahton?

DILLONFRANCIS- Its music to fuck to
by andrewa00101 April 18, 2011
Moombahton is a popular genre of electro music invented by musician/DJ Dave Nada in the fall of 2010 in Washington, DC. Nada created the neologism "moombahton" to describe the new genre. "Moombah" comes from the title of a popular track that was remixed by DJ Chuckie. Nada slowed the tracked down to 108 bpms, which is close the the bpms of reggaeton. Hence, Nada adopted the "ton" from "reggaeton" and appended it to the track title "Moombah" to generate "moombahton." As of May, 2011, moombahton is growing dramatically in popularity around the globe, spawning mulitple subgenres as it does so.
The tagline line for the moombahton movement is "Dale moombahton," created by Dave Nada and signifying "Give 'em moombahton."
by 'duk May 03, 2011