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A cows Christmas.
also an extremaly bad insult meaning "Cow"
Cow 1: "So what did you get for christmas"
Cow 2: "I got a bell"
Cow 1: "Kool i got a hay bail"

Person 1: "hey do you know Liam"
Person 2: "Yeah he is such a moomas"
Person 1: "yeah he is the king of moomas's"
by Cohenjd January 13, 2008
A cross breed between a cow 'Moo' and a marmot 'Ma' therefore creating a Mooma.

Can also be used as an insult:
'You Moo...Ma'
by THE Mooma February 25, 2004
It's like those blank pieces in Scrabble; it means whatever you want it to mean.
1. (In an instant message or email) *Moomas Katy*

2. I will mooma you!

3. That is so very mooma.
by Lexi January 04, 2004

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