Racial term to describe a negro.
The moolies are coming.
by JJ October 20, 2004
Top Definition
short for the italian word melanzana... pronounced mool-in-yan... which stands for "eggplant" its used a derogatory term for a black person making the reference that there skin is black like an eggplant
"that guys a friggin mooly"
by italianLgr April 07, 2008
Moolies meaning more then one Moolie -short for moolinyam Italian for eggplant and commonley used as a racial slur for blacks

I grew up around a bunch of moolies
by NLR718 June 19, 2006
Derogatory word that wholly describes a person or group or people as fake, unwanted, frog-faced (ugly), disrespectful, self-centered, shallow, inconsiderate, superficial, stupid, etc.
Friend 1: So I spent almost eighty bucks on our date, and the whole time she was texting on her phone!

Friend 2: Damn bro, where you be finding all these mooly-ass women?


Its funny how girls try to change a man to fit their idea of a "perfect man". That mooly attitude, is the reason why girls ask "Where at the good guys go?" & "Where did these assholes come from?"
by jontaylors#1fan! August 09, 2011
Comical, nonsense/comic-slang word for the testicles. Pioneered by the British comic Kenneth Williams in the 1960s.
I almost got kicked in the moolies by that nutter in the pub.
by Ezraman April 29, 2006
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