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Italian slang for a black person. Short for "moulinyan," Italian dialect for "eggplant."
"There's a lot of moolies in Bushwick," said Vinny.
by max hardcore December 01, 2004
A derivative of the Italian word "melanzana" which means "eggplant". Moolie was used by Italian immigrants to describes blacks, since blacks tend to have elongated heads and dark skin, sort of resembling eggplants.
When you're out late at night
And you see teeth so white
It's a moolie!
When you see your T.V.
In the dark, floating free
It's a moolie!

You-a stupid moolie! You steal-a mah TV again, you gonna sleep-a with the fishes eh!
by Nigger hatin' me August 24, 2006
italian slang for a black person. usually used by italians after seeing rocky, but before jumping in their IROC Z's

example: "Damn Vinny, this line for Rocky V is freekin long. Hey Check out that freekin moolie that parked next to your IROC!"
by asian invasion March 13, 2006
A term that a lot of my people(I'm half Italian, half Greek) use against Black people. It basically translates to "nigger" Ironically, the people that use it the most are usually Italians that are darker than some Black people, and who have coarse hair themselves.
Bensonhoist Guido: Yo looka dat moolie ova deah!
Kenny: Fuck off, you fuckin' Dago.
by Kenny Feliciano May 29, 2007
a black man.
fuck me, man, that moolie done fucked my wife. gonna spread me some moolie-paste on toast.
by dave 13 May 25, 2003
Teenage to twenties guys (usually from up North, aka, "Yankees", who come to Myrtle Beach, SC on vacation (usually with their families/friends) and pick up local girls. They usually travel in packs and are collectively referred to as "the Moolies" or "our Moolies" by the local girls who hang out with them for a week and then replace them with a new group of Moolies after their vacation is over. Frequently the girls don't bother to learn the names of the individual Moolies, and won't recognize a stray Moolie who has wandered from the pack.

Moolies are often Grommits.
girl (at the club): "Do you see our Moolies anywhere?"
cousin: "I see a couple of them. Not the cute ones though."
sister: "I can't tell if it's them when they are apart".

girl: "Let's go out to the beach and look for the Moolies".
sister: "I don't think I see them. Let's take a walk and find some new Moolies".
by Moolygirl July 04, 2012
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