Describes an inappropriate thing, basically anything that is inappropriate to you or others
Cathy said: "Don't touch me on my Moo Moo hoe"
Billy said: " But I thought you liked it!"
by Graphic Design Bitches on E February 07, 2014
little nipple on females
nipples, Damn girl you have some little ass moo moo's on you.
by Ashley Hinton April 10, 2007
a little asian person who likes back scratches, cigarettes, sex, and music. AND CORN
MooMoo, stop mooing everywhere before all the other moomoos come out
by dirtydirtyd October 20, 2010
that private little area.
would you wipe my moomoo?
by meeeeeee November 03, 2003
when a girl moans like a cow
that girl addy from vegas was quite a moo-moo last night.
by muwahahaha888 December 21, 2009
A fat female.
Refers to the size and sound of a cow
Damn! She straight moo-moo son.
by Bruce Sias November 16, 2004
Another word for 'Mom', sometimes shortened to 'Moo'.
I love my moomoo
by Kbby. June 19, 2009

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