Top Definition
1. A person that is ridiculous, abserd, and outlandish.
2. An expression in response to something that is superfluous, and ostentatious.
Look at those monuckas in matching pink outfits.
by O-ramma May 10, 2006
1. a person.
2. your homie, your bro, your sis
Plural: monuckas
1. There were 47 monuckas in that tent, and it was quite a cuddle-puddle.
2. "hey you crazy monuckas! Get your asses in here and smoke this!"
by incican May 13, 2006
a bunch of furry looking craczy silly fellow, doesnt have to be male or female, usually having some sort of rompus or raucus...
as in "yo did see which way those two crazy monuckas went with all that...
by eldice' September 28, 2006
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