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the most awesome game made by Capcom. very addictive and fun once u know how to hunt and dont cry your eyes out after your 50th time of getting your meat burnt.
random person: hmmm, do you happen to know an awesome RPG for the PSP ?

me: f*ck yeah, Go buy Monster Hunter Freedom, you'll love it.
by Angelus010 August 15, 2006
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The most badass game ever created by anyone ever. Due to its high learning curve and difficult nature, it has been shunned by many. However, there are several faithful fans that refuse to take shit from these people.
1: Hey man, wanna /r/ in /b/ with us?
2: liek, too busy playing Monster hunter
2: soz
by DigitalHearts December 27, 2007
A complete copy of GwBot.

Gayest bot on SwiftIRC.

Generally used by faggots, homosexuals, Jews, niggers, beaners, devil worshippers, fat fucks, nerds, no-life, copyright infringers, Bernie Madoff, Adolf Hitler, and retarded fuckers who can't create their own script.

Did I mention their scripting sucks and that they copied WORD FOR WORD GwBot?
(17:32:03) -MonsterHunt- Thebryzor has taken a large corporeal dick up the ass. Loot: They now have 620,159,001 gallons of sperm in their intestines. You're now a true MonsterHunter.
(17:32:04) -MonsterHunt- Wait 1min 44secs before sucking my dick like a little fag again.
by ICopyOtherBotsExactlyFtw February 04, 2010

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