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An up-and-coming glam-rock band, with songs "Magnetic Baby", "Semi Precious Weapons", and more. Consisting of: Justin Tranter (Vocals), Cole Whittle (Bass), Dan Crean (Drums), Stevy Pyne (Background Vocal, Guitar)
Sid: Omigod, great new glam rock band.
Idiot: Glam Rock is retarded.
Sid: Really? Then why do you have Semi Precious Weapons on your iPod! Ha!
by GlamRockAintDead March 18, 2009
A band from Brooklyn who make music videos with GIANT ORGIES. And they wear high heels and a lot of eye liner.
"Did you see semi precious weapons last nighht?"
"Dude yeah they looked like chicks but they aren't."
by shannonigans December 20, 2008
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