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someone (mostly girls) that tends to reply to texts using only one word. Worst of all being; LOL, :), hahaha, <3

Doesn't matter who started the convo, the monotexter will have ended it right on the spot
example of MONOTEXTER

boy:My day wasnt so good, I got suspended and my dog died
girl: AWW
by that guyyyy September 29, 2010
Somebody who replies to texts using just one word, and often just one monosyllable word.

Not worth your time, really.
A:How are you?
A:Get up to much today?
A:I went swimming again
A:Yeah, no offence but you're kind of a monotexter so I'm not going to text you anymore. Facetime later?
by ICantThinkOfAUsername June 30, 2015
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