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A person who's sexual prefernce is one sex. It can be heterosexual or homosexual.
Lisa is a monosexual lesbian and does not like men, therefore she's not bisexual.
by R·D January 01, 2004
Person that does not have sex with him or her or it. but has only sex with them self e.g masterbastion
Jenny masterbates all the time but not sexual intercorse.
by ++speed++freak+++ May 10, 2005
Someone who doesn't date but has a very active masterbation life
I do not date because I am a dedicated monosexual!
by Little brown bear June 29, 2014
Monobrow man/women that loves the monobrow,never will let it go.
P1 is such a monosexual ....
To be sexual attracted to yourself
Zack got a boner by looking at his own asshole and then proceeded to masturbanate because he's a monosexual.
by whacking day July 30, 2010
mono- meaning one indivdual/independent
a term used for people who aren't attracted to anyone. Men or women. They DO NOT like animals so do not be gullible and believe in that. Some may but that is a TOTAL different defintion. These people are very arare and ARE NOT SIMILAR TO ASEXUALS. These reason why is because asexuals are that some men or women may be involved in a relationship which obviously.
It's a bit confusing because a monosexual is similarily the opposite of a pansexual and a asexual. But a asexual is opposite from a pansexual and a monosexual can be similar to a asexual but different.
*Monosexual can feel like transsexual so do not think that they are opposite because it is possible.
guy1: this girl techinally told me she was a lesiban
woman1: what do you mean techinally?
guy1: well, i asked her if she wanted to go out and she said sorry i am not interested in men.
woman1: you are a idiot! why would you just assume she is a lesiban? she could be a asexual. or a monosexual.
man1: a monosexual?
woman1: yes you fool. i am assuming she is a monosexual. which means she doesn't like men or women at all
guy1: so does that mean she likes animals

by monosexualanasexualarenodasame March 07, 2011
A person who chooses to be single, i.e., they only have sex with themselves.
"You got a girlfriend?", "No, I'm a monosexual".
by tcumming123 March 06, 2008

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