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there are many meanings to the word: monnie, pronounced: MO-NNNNNIE

1)a special substance, aka: short person, who is unable to park

2)this short little flower will give nutrients and attire from her own back for a friend... especially if forced

3)cheerful and happy... you'd think monnies were on drugs. however, she lacks to share the wealth

4)tight with her family
one can view a monnie's behavior:

1)family closeness: will sleep w/ her son and daughter

2)can't park: finds it necessary to repark 3 times and travel around one's block to attain perfection

3)cheerful: monnies often finds it appropriate to bob head, like a doll on a dashboard. the sight of its happiness is quite amusing

by BlOwFiSh March 03, 2003
A Monnie is the act of uranating, half concious, in the house (e.g. hallway) of a friend after a long night of getting wasted.
"hey you did a monnie last night xD"

"omg what??"

"we had to clean it uppp T.T"
by riverfool May 09, 2009
Lil shorty whos cool up the dizope tho
its aight that shes a soccer mom cuz shes MY soccer mom!
ps: she likes foooood
i saw a monnie and i almost stepped on her but then i was like wow we dont wanna kill such a lil flower
by weeeeee March 01, 2003