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When your dick is as big and wide as a grain of rice
Yo that dude's old girlfriend said he had a penisrice
by weeeeee September 24, 2004
1. A generalization of lizards
2. An insult to someone (mainly women)
1. They're firbens
2. They're all firbens, every single one of them is a damn firben, especially that fugly chick.
by weeeeee October 09, 2004
Lil shorty whos cool up the dizope tho
its aight that shes a soccer mom cuz shes MY soccer mom!
ps: she likes foooood
i saw a monnie and i almost stepped on her but then i was like wow we dont wanna kill such a lil flower
by weeeeee March 01, 2003
Something that a noob would call another noob
Noob: You nooblet
Noob2: Im not a nooblet
Noob: Yea you are you nooblet... i've been on here 3 hours longer than you have
by weeeeee September 24, 2004

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