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a group of hot sexah girls who scream like apes and have fun where ever they go ;D

. . . . . . . . . . .
names usually: Val,Jen,Sam,Sammie,Steph,Suzanne,Liss,
guy 1.DAYM did you see those sexy monkitas?

guy2. Yeah i heard they make you scream like apes. daym i wanna make them scream !!
by funky chicken bebe May 07, 2005
a group of hot sexy girls who scream like apes and have a good time anywhere they go

names most commonly: Jenn Val Sammie Sam Ilissa Suzanne Keisha
Damn did you see the monkitas?

yah they were so hott i want to make them scream for me.
by funky chicken bebe April 28, 2005