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An intense level of intoxication. The intoxicated person is usually on the brink of collapse, but still managing to cause a considerable amount of damage and disorder.
"You got into the police car and tried to order the officer to drive you to the nearest liqueur store. You were completely monkied out of it.
by mcmonkeys1 May 29, 2008
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To be fooled by a fool (monkey).
That bitch waz monkied, yo!
by Monkied September 11, 2003
to throw up
I about monkied from the smell!!!
by Jally000 February 01, 2009
Self-aware robotic organisms hell bent on destroying their own world. They drive power from guzzling green juice.
What a monkied looking dude. Isn't that a gliving monkie
by G Monkie May 26, 2009

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