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The male version of camel toe. When either pants or underpants adjust themselves so as to gather your genitals into a noticable bulge, regardless of the turgidity of the member. Also known as "putting your dick in a headlock"
Dubious Sexuality Guy 1: Dude check out that guy's camel toe
Dubious Sexuality Guy 2: Nah son, that's a monkey's fist and impressive!
by Redwall II February 18, 2012
1.a knot that is used at sea. it is generally a stop knot, but is not very efficient. it is more recreational/decorational than useful.
2. a small group of friends in Chico CA, who hang all the time and smoke garcia y vega cigars. by technicality, a gang, but not one that is involved in drive by shooting.
1. man, i still gotta learn to tie a monkey's fist
2. i chill with the fella's from monkey's fist all the time
by monkey's fist December 24, 2005
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