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To look so discraceful that you resemble the spunk of a monkey.
For fuck's sake, you look like some monkey spunk from the end of a monkey's penis!
by Pubert Tongue April 29, 2006
24 28
monkeys sperm
i couldn't give a flying monkeys spunk
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
61 28
A cream colored oil used to clean and preserve metal gun parts.
slap a little of that there monkey spunk on my barrel, would ya there Brucey.
by militia_maniac May 27, 2004
52 31
A thick white substance created by a monkey during the process of ejaculation.
Oh my this monkey spunk tastes bad!
Did you see where i left my monkey spunk?
by Edwina Mustafa Poo May 10, 2008
25 16
The discharge following monkey masturbation
You covered me in monkeyspunk you masturbating monkey
by Figit February 26, 2003
4 5
Term of endearment for a friend
"How's it going monkeyspunk?"
by MikeCamelFucker May 07, 2007
3 5
Used as a tame expletive as opposed to f@ck or sh@t.
Oh monkey spunk!!! What a load of monkey spunk!!! You dumb monkey spunk!!! etc
by Simon Parke-Davis November 21, 2003
19 33