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1. Has obsessive-compulsive thoughts, tendencies or behaviours.
2. Of,relating to, or characteristic of USA Network's Adrian Monk.
Person 1: Did you wash your hands after the bathroom?
Person 2: Of course! I'm monk-ish!
#obsessive compulsive #ocd #obsessive compulsive disorder #routine #misophobia
by MercuryRocks March 25, 2006
1. Acting in a way similar to Adrian Monk (from the TV show, Monk)
2. has obsessive-compulsive tendencies, usually used humorously
Did you see him organizing his silverware throughout dinner? He's so monkish.
#ocd #monk-ish #obsessive compulsive #monk-like #obsessive-compulsive disorder
by Senor Flik May 28, 2007
Charateristic of a person who is constantly perfecting uneven objects or has to do a task a certain way, sometimes repetitively.
The man in the dentist office was acting monkish. He came into the waiting room and immediatly began to straighten the pictures on the wall.
#perfectionist #nit-picker #precisionist #obsessive #compulsive
by brooke17 September 23, 2010
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