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A sexy nerd, that is a loving and caring person. She has a awesome body. She is looking for the right person to settle down with. But is also a person that will not let you treat her any kind of way, and will knock you off your feet.
Damn, that's monie. She looks good!!!
by missy1 June 18, 2014
fat female who always complains about her weight, but doesn't do shit about it and instead blames everything else for her discontent
"If you don't like being fat, why don't you just eat less or go to a gym? You're such a fucking monie!"

"Boom Boom - that's the sound of the monies"
by 5432late September 06, 2016
Kids way of talking about their own money. It could translate to allowance.
- How much monie do you have, Jenny?
- Right now I have $10 a week but after my birthday I'll have $15!
by Cool_DAD_NYC February 02, 2016
A thug currancy used by many african-american gangs.
With the monie i had i baught me a gat.
by CoopDog April 06, 2006
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