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The child of a retard
shut up you mongchild
by slinkykatty October 19, 2007
9 1
a person who is the black sheep of the family, does stupid stuff and goes on rants that no one can understand usually the offspring of messed up parents...and basically is just a let down 2 the whole of the human race... Loch 'ness' monster is a good example of this!
be quiet mongchild!!
by no1kid October 20, 2009
2 0
a person hu cant be arsed to do anything, like rikki sanderson
hes monging all over
by yazan January 06, 2005
6 23
a person hu can never be arsed to do anythin at all,like rikki sanderson
rikki sanderson is a mong child
by yazan January 06, 2005
2 23