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See mongoloid. Can also be applied to the state people get into after heavy amounts of intoxicating substances.
You are a stupid fucking mong.
I am completely fucked, I'm such a mong.
by Bob February 05, 2003
46 56
Another word for fluffy bunnies.
That mong is so cute!
by Neostar April 16, 2013
11 22
suck my dick
Male 1: Get me a slice of pizza!
Male2: Hell no.
Male 1: MONG.
4 15
a male thong
The dude looked gay in that mong.
by bobafett421 June 21, 2011
2 13
Stupid person who thinks that mong is a good word to use to describe an idiot when we already have the word idiot that has served us well for centuries.
I called him a mong, that makes me a mong myself....
by yahweh1234567890 June 07, 2011
11 22
"Mong is the stuff that comes out when you push down on a pregnant woman's stomach."

- Southpark: Season 3, Episode 17, "World Wide Recorder Concert"

- A New York boy defines this word for our favorite four youngsters from Southpark, Colorado. Cartman came up with the word "mong" to call out the kids from New York, b/c they believed it was NOT a word.
My mom is so pregnant that when I sat on her tummy, mong came out of her like Niagara Falls.
by Misamore December 27, 2010
19 30
A way to tell somebody, "SUCK MY DICK"
(you must make a popping noise with your mouth while saying it)
by sk8foeva26 November 08, 2010
18 29