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When you plant a seed for whatever plant, but a tree in this case, you have to water it and as the seed grows you have to watch over it and make sure its safe and grows to be great. This is the same for a Money Tree but in which the seed is an investment or hustle one has and everyone has their own hustle. You begin by starting to work at the investment or hustle because you believe it can make you an abundant amount of money. You take care of your investment or hustle, you work hard at making it better and keeping it and as you do that the seeds will grow into a Money Tree because if you have worked hard at that hustle and or kept that investment growing it leads into income. This income will give you a chance to avoid certain struggles and hardships life has to offer that can be dealt with money and most important, it brings Peace of Mind, no worries.

A construction worker in this example, works under the sun long hours and when he/she takes a break they look for shade which most of the time will come to them from under a tree. Without a Money Tree one will work with worries throughout their whole life. Catch themselves living just to pay rent and other bills. Therefore a Money Tree must be planted so that when that tree does grow after working hard at it and keeping it, in ones later years one can rest under the shade of a Money Tree.

The song Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar states..

"Money trees is the perfect place for shade, and that's just how i feel."
by OGKilluh13 September 09, 2013
Magical plant that grows currency.
If there was a money tree everybody would get one and inflation would kick in and it wouldn't matter.
by someonefromearth February 09, 2010
A tree from which small denomination bills can be harvested if asked nicely or annoyed just right.
Kid: "Hey money tree, can I have 20 bucks for a movie? Please? Please! Please! Please! Please!"
by James Earl Jones January 09, 2008
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