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The biggest waste, of exactly one seventh of your life.
oh crap, tomorrow is MONDAY!!!
by Eric Gardner November 27, 2007
463 122
The world's way of telling us, "Here, take this you little bitch."
Tyler: "It's Monday."
George: "Kill me."
by BWallenstein November 01, 2010
204 67
The day everybody hates to have to put up with. Monday is the morning of the week, and it gives a general tired feeling and the return to work or school. It has worse weather than the other days of the week, too. Dreary and puts you in a bad mood.
Guy: It's Monday once again. God help me.
by Officer Jordan April 21, 2008
198 79
Another way of saying Nigger without getting caught. Mondays = Nigger!
Me: Man B i hate mondays!!
B: Why?
Me: Because everybody hate mondays.
by JWET March 13, 2007
248 171
A word used to say that you're having a very bad day.
Today was such a Monday, everything sucked!
by Maya January 23, 2005
142 77
1. the day you realize you forgot to do just about everything that needed to get done.

2. the first day of not-weekend after the weekend

(n. origin: Satan)
FML, it's Monday!
by amberithink October 05, 2009
112 52
One of the two billion ways to torture high school students.
Shit! Monday's coming up!" "No I'm not ready for the torture!!
by desperatestudent193 June 17, 2010
86 32
1.Noun: A slang term for black people. Because no one likes the Mondays. Used by lower to middle class white people to mask their racism. Usually used in the upper north of the United States.
1. Man I fucking hate Mondays.
by The Bigga Jigga February 04, 2008
187 154