1. Anyone that takes care of you, listens to you ramble, loves you even when you are a dope, and never bad mouths you to strangers no matter what.

2. The highest term of endearment.
Thanks Mom
by L'eggs January 11, 2011
a bitch who cleans and cooks
now thats a mom right there.
by dave smitherson October 20, 2010
Made of Money
My son asked me if he could have some money and I said I'm not Mom
by My ninja December 08, 2014
The person who cares for you no matter what you do. the one that loves you unconditionally sense the first day they saw and met you. Your mom is someone who puts you before themselves no matter what and will always listen cause your mom can make anything better. She makes you home baked cookies when its cold in the winter and sweet tea in the summer. She occasionally embarrasses you cause thats what shes supposed to do, but sometimes you get a really cool mom! Your mom is the best lady in the world.
Do you know Julias mom?

Yeah, shes so cool i wish she was my mom!
by Hopee. July 11, 2010
The incorrect spelling of "mum".
Kid: ur mom is fat lol nobody lieks u so shut up faget
Other kid: Learn how to spell, idiot. Your mum must've been banged by a rock to produce something as dumb and retarded as you.
by Fag-o-tron April 17, 2015
1.Someone who thinks cleaning your room is the only responsibility you have
2.Someone who is too scared of you growing up to let you make mistakes so she governs everything you do
3.Someone who gets mad at you when you voice your opinion if it doesn't match hers
4. Someone who constantly exaggerates the amount of time you take to do something just to prove a point, even if its wrong
Kid:Hey mom, can i go for a walk? I did all my homework and I'm getting all A's
Mom:No! Your room is a huge mess, and it's too dangerous for you to go outside alone!
Kid: But I just cleaned my room and I'm 17 years old....
Mom: You're grounded!
by mikky__ March 11, 2015
The annoying, embarrassing, bitch who gave birth to you and pretends to love you. She spanks your ass and grounds you for a month.
My mom bought a huge rubbery thing at a store with a pink glowing sign
by gra gra October 13, 2014

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