A large, rare and gay animal, nobody knows where the molooly comes from but scientists believe the molooly comes from an egg as it resembles the shape of its body. Because of its homosexual nature there are still debates over how it breeds. Molooly is often used to describe something that is grotesque/obese/homosexual or egg shaped.
Have you put on weight? You look like a molooly!

Your dog humped my leg; I think it is a bit of a malooly (GAY)

My Easter egg was shaped like a molooly.
by Ms Norris June 04, 2004
Top Definition
After much research into the origins of the molooly, scientists have discovered that it is a-sexual (a creature which impregnates itself). they discovered interesting evidence that the molooly lived close to the time of the dinosaurs, this was discovered in a fossil matching the egg-shaped profile of the molooly. They sujest it survived the death of the dinosaurs because it was most likely in hibernation(sleeping).
Man, you slept through the whole day,...like that thing on animal planet.
by Billy- Bob Johanson June 19, 2004
A fat dumb slow person. An oaf
Fuck me! You are fat and slow.....you molooly!

Oh look, here comes the village molooly.
by H4ppy-potter June 05, 2004
A mythical creature which has the appearance of an ape, its body is egg shaped and is very slow to respond as it is considered an oaf. Their is only 1 gender, so nobody knows where the molooly comes from. Because of all the speculation some people believe the creature to be real, kept underwraps by scientists-but that is simply not true. As there is only 1 gender many people believe the molooly is gay-and is often used as a derogatory term to describe someone with any of the treats/features of a molooly.
If you are intellectually challenged then you are a molooly.

If you dont diet you will resemble a molooly.
by Duke *Nukem June 04, 2004
Some people believe a molooly to be a stupid ape like creature which lays eggs, in truth a molooly is a plain old oaf with the appearance of an ape, the rumours about the molooly actually existing got out of hand. A molooly is usually used to describe something that is either obese/gay or for some reason egg shaped in a comical fashion. Someone who takes a long time to respond due to idiocy is often referred as a molooly.
Hey, I saw a fat gay man.....he looked like a molooly.

Why dont you answer me? You are as slow to respond/react as a molooly!

You are an oaf-you are a molooly.
by Zuckovsky Macnimally June 04, 2004
A fat dim-witted, slow (mentally and physically) egg shaped creature. The molooly is often in hibernation, between January-December. All moloolys are homosexual, and due to their poor awareness - take weeks to respond to any stimulus. A molooly is often used as a derogatory term.
I saw a molooly on the discovery channel.

Get away from me you fucking molooly!

God damn it! you're as fat and dumb as a molooly
by Theressa Noonan June 04, 2004
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