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A great television station to watch whilst stoned.
Stoner 1: "Did you see that? That guy's proper pissing that snake off. Animal Planet rocks."
Stoner 2: "What...? Yeah... Is that my twos yet?"
by Shinzou April 08, 2006
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The official stoner network. Evey stoner now-a-days watche's this channel. And you gotta see why!
Stoner 1: Awww man, this pot is great!

Stoner 2: Yeah, hey, turn on Animal Planet, man!
by hell yeah August 07, 2006
The greastest station on tv.
Kid- hey i'm bored lets do somthing
Kids friend- lets go watch some animal planet theres always something good on.
by ttatatatatattatatataaas March 19, 2009
An excuse to watch animals have sex.
Gosh dang, Animal Planet should be cancelled.
by William23 June 21, 2011
acting in an uncivilized manner.
Not only are these hoes parched, but they are strict animal planet.
by parklicious May 24, 2014
v. To engage in sexual activity promiscuously, in a predator-like fashion.
Yo, Rob animal planets way too many chicks. He needs to save some for the rest of us.
by Nishant c/o Lisa September 07, 2006

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