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Shortened version of "MOTHERLICKA" as made popular by Old Greg. Similar to how mofo is short for "motherfucker".
Damn girl, this sketch molo is offending me.
verb: Thread crapping that is overly critical of the original poster.

noun: a subspecies of troll who considers all dissenting opinions invalid, acting consistently and predictably to molo otherwise uncontroversial threads

past participle: a usage similar to pwned, noting in particular that the subject has been the victim of molo
molo: That thing you like? It sucks!
observer: molo'd!
by RichardBerg August 27, 2008
same as dick or penis in finnish.
- Olet varsinainen molopää!
- You are really dickhead!
by matti September 04, 2005
A homosexual on the down-low: a gay man who's in the closet.
Raheem likes to front as a playa and God's gift to women but we all know he's a Molo.
by bxmuscle January 24, 2009
A shortened name for a 'molester.'
Ew, look at that molo over there checking us out! He's like, 85!
by Imani C. Davis July 25, 2008
Molo: A southwest vernacular used within the scientific community and quality circles which indicates an impossibility or unlikely event. Used such as the schedule is a molo, or you have a molo of a chance.
The schedule is a molo (not possible impossible to make the schedule), or you have a molo of a chance (unlikely chance).
by JD P September 29, 2011
Short for "mother lover." Such as mofo is short for "mother fucker."
A: I spent quality time with my mom yesterday.
B: You're such a molo!
by WTFbbq4everLoL June 10, 2009