To hit someone really, really hard.
It leaves a mark.
Give me popcorn or I'll mollywop you.
by Mel December 22, 2004
to get the crap beat out of you.
or to slap the shit out of somebody.
you keep talking shit i'll mollywop yo punk ass.
by plantman bluntski May 22, 2003
A group of kids whoopin' someone's ass.
"Did you see the way that bitch looked at me?! Imma Mollywop her ass"

"Dont Mollywop in the living room! Take it to the park so I can watch..."

by JR0CK January 13, 2010
beatin the hell outta somebody witout a care in the world .. a giggle mite slip in :D
"Ay yo , im bout to molly wop yo ass .. "

"she sho-as-hell bouta get molly wopped"
by 6935 April 20, 2010
(Verb)To punch someone directly in the side of the head with a roundhouse
"Dude if you don't shut the fuck up i'm gonna mollywop you in front of everyone"
by CuntPunt October 25, 2007
to kick someones a**.
She is gonna mollywop that bit**.
by dramaqueen March 17, 2007
Slap someone with your dick
the bitch stopped sucking so i mollywoped her for revenge
by billy4568721 June 06, 2009

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