To reach way back with your primary hand and punch your enemy in the face.
James got molly wopped for mean mugging a random guy on the street.
by bobsagetformatc June 25, 2014
To be clubbed in the front of the head; to be clubbed fatally from the front
We were playing Halo at Zel's, and como got mollywopped uncontrollably... results in... "ooooooo arite, were friends"
by Stealth Gyro December 11, 2004
a mollywop is when a man rests his testicles on your forehead for a few seconds.
Jeff: Hey Lisa can you come here for a min
Lisa: Sure honey I'm coming
Lisa: Geez Jeff I just love it when you put your nuts on my forehead
by carolsusan February 19, 2013
To stop one from trippin' by physical force to the dome.
I'll "molly wop" the shit out of you!
by pancreaticpimpin April 21, 2010
To strike a person's face using one's penis similarly to that of a judge's gavel. Mollywopping most likely occurs upon the cheek or around the mouth area.
"My boyfriend is younger than me, so mollywopping is my alarm clock."
by bradbradstephbrad December 29, 2011
when greeks get way to out of control
The Greek ate the whole plate of gyros
by godPERHAPS December 11, 2004
beatin tha hell outta bitch
Bitch: You aint finna do shit to me u Rick James lookin skank.... Other Girl: Honey plz I'll mollywop your James Brown lookin, Keyshia Cole lovin ass....
by chile cheese July 31, 2009

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