A beautiful human inside and out. Always cheers you up and strives to keep you safe. Would make anyone proud to make her a wife someday. Also usually dresses coconuts, and loves jessie j more than counting underwear.
That coconuts wearing a hat, thats so Mollie!
by littlelegs23 November 19, 2012
Top Definition
A sex bomb who takes control in the bedroom and gives extreme plesure and ecstacy.
"she was a mollie last night in bed!"
by Mollie March 08, 2005
Funny some other people have already written this, but to combine them all... which is a more accurate and reliable definition.

a) Ironically, Mollie means pure MDMA (total ecstasy). Anyone from Cali or NY or Texas knows that. Even more ironically, the only girl I know named Mollie (who spells it with an 'ie') is complete ecstasy to be around. In short, Mollie = ecstasy. b)Inexplainably cool. c) great in the sack. d) sex bomb
--That's one cool chick.
--Yeah, she's a Mollie.


--We're rolling.
--Yeah, I love Mollie.
by Jake V. March 09, 2007
street for ecstasy. pure form of MDMA. also, tropical fish.
i got two mollie's tonight
by pocketmice4peace January 26, 2007
Super sexy, really nice and funny, really sweet, and an all around amazing
Mollie is an amazing girl and i wish she would go out with me
by MizzouMan2895 February 08, 2011
She is kind-hearted, She will bend over backwards just to maske sure a friend is happy. She will always be there even if it's 2:00am. She is caring and very compasssionate, can be abit over dramatic but also mellow at times. Tall and proud but can look down on her self a lot. Listens to lotys of music just to get awayfrom things, If you have a Mollie in your life never let her go because she could be the last great one you meet. She is trusty be can be a bit un reliable, Avery emotional person who is always thinking of others. She is Taller than normal people and her big brown eyes will melt yours at the sight of the, when you seeand meet a Mollie dont let her go.
Dude your so lucky to have her whats her name
Shes a mollie of course
by its_me_of_course October 13, 2013
She is super nice, funny, and SO sexy! She has a ton of friends who love her and is definitely boyfriend material. She is drop dead gorgeous and is super athletic. She is just the whole package. She is a great kisser and is a sex kitten. Usually have blond hair, blue eyes, and are really tan. She is just amazing!
Guy 1: There is a smoking hot girl in my English class!

Guy 2: Ohhh so she was a Mollie! LUCKY!

Guy 1: Yeahhh I know.
by ilovegirlsnamedmollie February 14, 2010
a gorgeous girl, cheerleader , HOTT, the type of girl you want to marry, sweet, tall, has a big butt, a brunette
mollie is amazing. you should marry mollie.
by paulbob February 12, 2010
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