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A sex bomb who takes control in the bedroom and gives extreme plesure and ecstacy.
"she was a mollie last night in bed!"
by Mollie March 08, 2005
orgasm suddenly caused by thought of how fucking sexy johnny depp is...especially when dressed up as captain jack sparrow from pirates of the carribbean...this kind of orgasm has its own category because he is just so goddamn hott that you need little or no touching to achieve climax...thank god for johnny depp...*smiles*
*watching pirates of the carribbean*...*sees johnny depp*...*johnnygasm*...o god that was good...
by Mollie January 18, 2004
To do something in a way you like, or that you approve of
"That girl is really rockin that mullet"
by Mollie January 29, 2005
Well i think that these "SEX" braclets that the adults came up with is bullshit! geez! "oh someone broke my bracelet...HAHA...HA" Grow up and please get a life. Packs of those things are like 2 dollars and nobody is going to break it! I wear them everyday, cramming as many as i can on eah arm...and yes including BLACK. But just because some stupid person broke my black braclet im not going to go and have sex with them...if anything then ill make them pay for a new one. Its all just a big..Ha ha ha, funny thing for kids to be able to say "awww! now you have to have sex wit me!" people who take them seriously are just ignorant. Go Get Lives!
Girl: Hey!
Guy: HA.HA.
Girl: Pervet
Girl: *hit guy in face and stalks off*
by Mollie January 09, 2005
Peep This, it really means just to give imput on something, such as a hair cut, or a new car.
"Dude, come here and peep this"
by Mollie January 29, 2005

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