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lumps of fat that hang over the side of people's pants.
dude, did you see that mollhagen hanging off of kelsey's waist??

yeah, it looks like lumps of unbaked bread dough.
by Go on a Diet January 14, 2009
when a persons fat hangs over the side of their pants cause they are too tight.
Jim: oh my goodness, did you see that girl who just walked in?

Pam: who?

Jim: that girl that looks like she has a tire around her waist.

Pam: oh, haha. thats kelsey. shes put on a lot of weight since she got married.

Jim: yeah, i definitely dont like to see Mollhagen on anybody but especially her.

Pam: leave her alone. shes been going thru a rough time.

Jim: thats still no excuse to have Mollhagen.

Pam: what is Mollhagen anyway?

Jim: Glad you asked..see that lump of fat that looks like unbaked bread dough thats hanging out her side?

Pam: yeah..

Jim: thats textbook definition Mollhagen.. go look it up on urbandictionary.com

by Moose-alini November 03, 2008