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moling is when you force yourself into a conversation like a mole digging into the ground.
STEVE: Hey guys what are you talking about?

JOE:Dude stop MOLING into my conversation your such a MOLER
by richard hurtz June 26, 2009
To mole is to curve one's hands in a claw-like shape and make furious digging motions inside another's rectum. The phrase "Can you dig it?" was originally a reference to this practice.

The terms "Mole" and "Hole", in noun form, sometimes refer to moler and molee respectively.
"Yooo you wanna chill this weekend?"
"Naah dude I can't... I'm molin' my hole"
"Who's your hole?"
"I thought Baird was his mole..."
"Nope. Cole's my hole."

"I'm constipated."
"Ever try moling?"
"Let's try moling."
by beeeeees October 06, 2011