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A spanish word meaning to bother, annoy
molestar: no me molestas! - leave me alone, dont bother me
by nycsp January 10, 2007
Spanish teachers try to pass off this word as "to bother, to annoy" however, that is the PG version and is not true. It means to molest. Passionately. WARNING: IF YOUR SPANISH TEACHER ASKS IF IT'S OKAY TO MOLESTAR YOU...SAY NO!"
You may have heard of the "Rape Song" but this is the "MOLESTAR SONG"

"Stop! Don't touch me there. This is my private square. M-O-L-E-S-T-A-R. Get your penis out of meee. MOLESTAR. MOLESTAR. MOLESTAR.
by Mr. Manzi May 16, 2007
A German accordion player with lots of moles. The accordion player is sometimes seen playing a guitar, playing a cello, or being at boot camp. Normally, they carry around 150 - 400 gold and rusty daggers, which isn't much, but they give a LOT of experience.
Dude, check out that molestar sitting next to Michael Davis!
by Chyaaasu March 08, 2008
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