1.) a common misspelling of monkey

2.) annoying little meanie child

3.) a nickname you give to friends, enemies, and random people
1.) *texting* girl: hey i want a pet mokey
guy: don't you mean monkey?

2.) "man, my little brother is such a mokey!"

3.) "hey, what's up mokey!"
"nothing, how about you! did you see that mokey the other day?"
by C.J. the Mokey Girl August 24, 2009
Top Definition
To smoke tobacco mixed with marijuana out of a waterpipe.
Let's go snap smoke mokey's down at the creek.
by mokeymonster October 02, 2007
When you mix marijuana and tobacco together in a bong. Usually you snap it.
Lets cut up mokeys.
You gonna snap that mokey?
by Just a gurl February 13, 2007
To take a bite of someone's food and then extend your lips past the bite, thereby slobbering over it and making it inedible.
Don't mokey my hot dog you prick, I want to eat the rest of it.
by Sasafras6 May 28, 2008
Any clever, complete woman capable of (theoretically) beating people at everything.
Sarah is definitely a mokey when it comes to calculus.
by Meffrey December 19, 2005
A short term for a smoky treat. AKA a cig.
"hey... anyone want to go have a mokey
by stevo October 27, 2004
The feeling you get just before you show off your rock fingers (devil sign) \m/
Some people like to scream out the word when they do that sign.
Candice: Metallica Rocks!
Tash: MOKEY! *Rock Fingers*
by Anonymous69 September 09, 2006
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