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The act or state of being incredibly hard and ready to be falached; used in describing the appearance of a person or their: penis, muscles, tits, clitoris, etc.
Ex 1: God dam girl your making me real mojave right now.
Ex 2: Hot dam, those bitches tits are so mojave.
by DJ Middleton April 26, 2009
home of the rutan brothers and is rumored to be a portal to hell
wow the rutans live in mojave but there is a lot of evil around this town
by cataracks April 28, 2011
Microsofts next generation operating system. Makes up for the failure of Vista.
Our productivity went up 300% once we upgraded to the new Windows Mojave.
by Diabeetus October 18, 2008
(As in "mojave expiriment" done by windows.) A girl who is fake and superficial. All the girls hate her, all the guys think she's hot.
Keeton: Wow that chick is so hot.
Kait: Ew. She's so mojave. Seriously she should wipe that stupid bleachy smile off her face.
Keeton: Whatever I think she's hot.
by KaitWormKeziah December 22, 2008
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