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pronouced like "coffee" but with a "M" instead of a "C"

to mix "milo" (drinking chocolate) with coffee...
thus making yourself a moffee or vice-versa

a great moffee would be a 3. 2. 1.
3tsps of sugar
2tsps of milo
1tsp of instant coffee of your choice
mix with a full cup of milk
then nuke it in the microwave for about 1:30mins taking it out at each 30sec intervals to stir

experiment to your liking
Boyfriend; hey babe can you make me a moffee please
Girlfriend; sure sweetie how would that be?
Boyfriend; a 3 2 1!
by Marcus Dela Vega August 02, 2006
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Someone who adds a large portion of milk to their coffee, thus the drink being either 50% or more milk and the other portion being coffee.

example:50%(or more) Milk - 50%(or less) coffee = Moffee
Every morning I poor a cup of Moffee which contains 60 percent milk and 40 percent coffee.
by KHInk May 30, 2008

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