a shortened version of I am leaving
i can't be arsed with your fucking bullshit any more you half witted slag of an excuse to be called human. moff
by george January 02, 2004
Top Definition
"moff" is a synonym for legendary, or legend.
it is moff to come up with the phrase "look, i made my DNA today, there it is, floating about like a gypsy"
by mrs de veir June 24, 2005
A term commonly used in the North East of Scotland. It means excellent, brilliant etc.
That's pure moff, like.
by PastyBlueHighlander February 11, 2011

Usually relating of a person of a rather larger than normal size, with a repulsive or disturbing appearance, and the characteristics of a fuck.
Sean: Hey man, look at dat nice girl righ o'er dare. I would sure hell tap dat ass

Nate: EWW REALLY DUDE!? Look at her! She naturally has a huge ass because she's a moff you freak.

Sean: Yo man, I like 'em fat. Mo' cushion for da pushin'. Ya kno what I'm sayin'?

Nate: ...
by M1NDL3SS June 23, 2011
The vagina of a Muppet. Moist and delicious.
Miss Piggy's moff was sopping with delight, ready for Kermie's green penetrator.
by Balls J. Mahoney September 15, 2006
To moff, to transfer make-up from ones face to any item ones face may come into contact with. Usually a result of putting too much make-up on.
I bought Chelsea a new coat today but within 5 minutes she'd moffed it, then she hugged me and moffed all over my t-shirt.
by TBea92 February 22, 2014
The word "moff" derived from the southern part regions of Africa and is used to describe a form of state or being (hungover, tired, wasted etc.). This form of communication has been adapted in the creation of slang between the german, afrikaans and english speaking cultures in regions like Namibia, Botswana or South Africa.
Johann: Dude, you look moff man!
Kevin: Thanks! I feel moff aswell.


Silvia: Holy!!!! What happend to you?
James: The party last night made me absolutely moff. Way to much booze. I need to rest and go on a detox.
by doktaj February 01, 2011

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