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Mormon profanity, commonly used by people from Utah and the surrounding intermountain west who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which strongly discourages the use of profanity.
Common mofanity terms include:
"dang" instead of "damn", as in, "Where did I put my dang car keys?"
"fetch" instead of "fuck", as in, "Oh, fetch! The dang keys are locked in the car!"
"fricken'" instead of "fucking", as in, "Who the fetch locked the dang keys in the fricken car?"
"heck" instead of "Hell", as in, "Oh my heck, honey! You locked the keys in the car "again"?" (The expression "Oh, my heck" is apparently derived from "Oh, my Hell," which is apparently derived from "Oh, my heavens," which apparently is not at all an okay thing to say.)
"shoot" instead of "shit", as in, "Oh, shoot! I just slammed my fingers in the car door and it hurts like heck!"
by ReverendTed November 06, 2008
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