One who does stupid things, or frequently makes a fool of him/herself.

Generally said in colloquial context by one who is dissing the 'moen' individual
Sam said to Michael, 'OMG you put the toaster in the bath. Your Moen!'
by Optimoenus Prime June 26, 2009
Top Definition
New Zealand saying for someone who acts like they are the man, but infact looks like an idiot
person A:

"aww cuzz, i got the mean crumping skill" *crumps and trips up*

person B: *sigh* "bro, ur moen"
by NZskux August 18, 2009
Commander of the british army on the 19th century. Now known as a very handsome type of mancind. He is better then Sandberg. and has a godlike personality
OMG! Hes is handsome..! - Ofcourse, he is a Moen!
Moen is the best in bed!
by Einsteinjunior January 14, 2009

An insult. Ultimate shut down of Aotearoa !!

Similarities include, 'sucks', 'stupid', 'dumb' 'boring' etc ...
Can be used as a noun or an adjective.

'Moen' is popularly used in the 21st century as an expression to strongly describe how dumb or stupid someone is. This saying came from the Manawatu-Wanganui region, is now famous! and known all over the motu lol CHEEA !!

We use this word on a daily basis and in everyday conversation. Is still going strong after a few good 5-8 years.
"bro don't do that"
"why" ?
"it's moen".

"this is MOEN"
"i know aye"
"yeah .. like you"

"why can't I borrow your car for" ?
"beacause bro"
"because you're MOEN that's why" !
by MissKeys October 08, 2011
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