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A Man Hoe. A man, who, like a regular hoe, will do anything with two legs.
"OH my GAWD i heard joe slept with THREE the other week, what a moe.
by thegothicatheist February 11, 2010
Money Over Everything

made famous by Birdman and Wheezy F Baby aka Lil Wayne

"MOB MOE" = Money Over Bitches, Money Over Everything
by johnp2127 April 01, 2009
Someone of a homosexual orientation
Melo is a homo, sorry Melo, but you are moe
by Sansei May 18, 2008
A scrawny, fat, Arab boy who tries to look ghetto by wearing 'gangsta'
clothing, and has once had cream in his ass.
Moes are willing to do anything to get their friends to stop making
of them. In addition, Moes may continuously kick you out of an xboxlive party for stupid reasons.

"So we were making fun of him during lunch, he asked us what he could do to make us stop, so we told him to go drop a dookie in a urinal and he did. What a Moe.
by awesomex69 January 22, 2009
slang term for motherfucker
"man im hungry like a moe"
by dhat chika February 11, 2008
The fillmore district in the Western Addition in San Francisco. Big black neighborhood from post st. to market. Even consists of some west post projects and some Masonic street.
Messy and Jt are from the Moe.
by 1600EB February 14, 2005
champagne, as in Moët & Chandon
buss another bokkle a moe - Sean Paul
by paz July 17, 2003
To "do a moe" have two very distinctive meanings.

1. To slowly take over someone else's space without them noticing it.

2. To make someone believe you said something or had an idea which wasn't originally yours by changing the way the idea is said slightly.
Example #1:

"That guy is doing a moe. He's put all his stuff in my desk."

Example #2
Guy: "I think we should unplug the cable and the re-wire the office"
Moe: "No...that wouldn't work"
Moe: "Let's disconnect the cable and redo the wires in the office"
Guy: "That's what I just said, you just did a moe!!!"

by Duderiner September 03, 2007