Derogatory form of QnFer.

User when a user asking a question of "The Mods and ONLY the Mods" gets a legitimate response answering their question from a QnFer, instead of a Mod.

Occasionally used in jest by other QnFers.
"Dude, shut up! Stupid Mod-wannabe!"

"Ohh noo, watch out! The big, bad Mod-wannabe is gonna get you!"
by Kenjoki Ikari November 23, 2004
Top Definition
Some of the visitors at gametalk who want to become a moderator and they act foolish over it. These people have literally treatened suicide and tried to bribe Mike with money to become one (and I am dead serious). They don't relize that this behavior can not only cause them not to get hired, but also to annoy gamers at the site.

But don't get me wrong, not everyone who wants to be a mod acts this way.
Don't these people have better things to do in life?
by lunar shadows August 10, 2004
1) The obligatory forum Nazi that resides on every single forum of the internet. They will call you out on anything that is even slightly against forum rules, like posting a picture that is an inch too large, out of the hope of one day being given moderator powers on that forum.

2) Humorless idiots that run to the forum moderator every chance they get for people not following forum rules. People who act like they're all chummy with the Mods, when the Mods just find them annoying.

3) Drones who burst into hillarious threads and ruin them by posting things like "This post is against the rules! Lock this!" to the point that everybody who was posting and having fun on said thread wants to reach through the computer and slap them.
Ed0000: LOL Look at this picture guys! Hillarious!

Bill39: LOL N1

Mod Wannabe: OMG Alerted Mod. That's against forum rule HZ 257 Line 3 Word 5.

Bill39: ...

Ed0000: Stupid Mod-Wannabe...
by EvilDash April 01, 2009
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