Modification. Usually done to either a video game console, computer case, video game, or vehicle.
Video Game Console Mod: Qoob Mod Chip for the Nintendo Gamecube which allows a person to run Linux off of the system.

Computer Case Mod: A fiberglass window in the side of the case to see the internal workings of a system, usually accompanied by water cooling, LED-infused cooling fans, and/or cold-cathode lighting.

Video Game Mod: See also: Counter Strike, or any Unreal Tournament 2004 mods.

Vehicular Mod: Cold Air Intake, free-flowing Exhaust work, high-flow catalytic converter, cam shafts, ported and polished upper and lower intake manifolds, specifically tuned Power Control Module (PCM), turbochargers, intercoolers, superchargers, or even engine swaps can all be considered modifications. Also, ricers, those who fall under the category of rice can consider what they have 'mods'. Shopping-cart style wings, exhaust tips larger than 3", ground effects that scrape speed bumps when you go over them, etc. These types of people are usually frowned upon by the real car modifying community. It is usually prudent to tell them to get a real car, and to learn about what performance really is.
by RockGuitarist2201 September 30, 2006
A file extension of the Protracker module music file.
I downloaded some cool techno mods off the Net today.
by AYB March 20, 2003
Short for modification. Used in reference to modification to PC games made by fans. Counter-Strike is a mod for Half-Life.
Counter-Strike is a very popular mod for Half-Life, but it sucks.
by pingz January 28, 2003
A player made addition to an already created game or console. Usually resulting an an unfair advantage.
Yes! I just got my Modded xbox! I can cheat now because I have no skill! :D
by Eat My Rice August 15, 2009
Youth characterized by sharp fashion, influenced by 1960's music and culture, and a possible love of Vespa/Lambretta/Piaggio scooters showing alienation from mainstream pop culture. This style originated in Britian.

The word "Mod" can also be loosely tied to a "modernist", who does not fill the above characteristics, but is "hip" into today's appealing fashions/trends/etc...
1. "Nice scooter."
"Yeah. Some Mod dude helped me restore it."
"Wanna come to my house tonight and watch 'Quadrophenia'"?

2. "Adam is all into modern rock! That f---in' mod..."
by nikkan_hanil September 23, 2004
COMPUTING .MOD is a file extension and a shortname for an Amiga Module.
4 channels, stereo, sampled instruments.
And it has a pure oldschool sound.
The Rick Dangerous' music was a .MOD file.
by asphyx June 05, 2004
To have M.I.L.F. kill something.
mod a video game system
by Mario Salcedo April 21, 2004
Usually used in a forum, a MOD is the highest form of control.
At times, higher than the Admin itself.

MOD does not stand for Moderator, and has no abbreviation to it.
It is just three capital letters used to describe a higher power in the Internet or overall.
jacko0395: 'Can we post illegal links in here?'

Rainmeter MOD: 'Not on this thread.'

by UD~Persona March 24, 2009

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