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A man's genetalia. It must be huge in order to be considered a Moby.
Damn, I got a Moby and all the Ahabs(A woman who jocks your huge dick) want some!
by NEGRO SANDIA October 29, 2003
a person who has far too many dvds.
this guy has a moby collection
by madd dogg May 15, 2003
To have sex with a particularly large and/or undesireable female. Derived from Moby Dick, the great white whale.
Jim was so drunk last night he pulled a moby.
by Gets September 23, 2003
dildo that is made to be bigger than normal
By creating moby you have created a monster literally!
by HAMMER December 03, 2003
Someone who can get stung by Obie.
Eminem (Without Me) : And Moby? You can get stung by Obie. You thirty year old bald fag, blow me. You don't know me, your too old, let go, its over. Nobody listens to techno, so let's go...
by GimmiK July 17, 2006
A mobile phone
A mobile shop
where's me moby?
by werndl April 23, 2003
Bald guy that wears fur and feathers, I think hes gay but not sure.
You look like Moby
by onge May 15, 2004