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So anyway, we had had a smoke after our massive mobjob
by Franken_stein September 03, 2007
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group execution of a task; jobs done in the crowdsourcing model
The neighborhood park cleanup was a total mobjob thanks thanks to the city's new clean green space app.
by rayosun May 02, 2015
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A Mobjob is when one person gives handjobs to a group of at least 25 men. A formal Mobjob could be considered as one giving handjobs to an entire Italian Mafia. A True Mobjob would be giving a handjob to the deceased corpse of Charles "Lucky" Luciano.
Hector: Ay Vinnie, hear about that mobjob last night?
Vinnie: There was a mobjob? I was out selling cigs to the boys in blue with Danny.
Hector: Yeah, little broad wanted something from the boss, so she gave us all a little something, he he.
by xPepe July 19, 2016
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