Short querky abbreviation for a mobile phone, native to such tongue as Scottish and Mackem
Ah belled up the wee radge oan his wee mobby likesay, ya ken
by Begbie March 05, 2003
Top Definition
A stay at home mom that is more concerned with her hobbies than interacting with her children. ( mom + hobby) A mobby will spend 4 hours a day posting to Facebook about how much better it is for kids to have a stay at home mom, and all the enrichment it provides and how horrible it is to use child care . Then she will work on some craft hobbies to post on Pinterest later, and go to a play date to spend time with other moms. (While ignoring her kids) A mobby does not realize the hypocrisy of her statements or how she is basically just keeping the kids from burning the house down instead of giving them all the interaction she preaches about.
Kristin is such a mobby, she lets her kids free range while spending all day knitting and posting on Facebook.
by Bigbore August 15, 2014

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