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Mobbin it or Mobbit

Moving usually in a large group on foot from place to place.
"Dude wanna mobbit over to T-Bell?" "Hell yeah dude! lets mobbit!" As the group of people proceeded to start mobbin it to Taco Bell.
by J-Trainstation July 16, 2009

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In Cali at least it means to do something with around a dozen other people with an assertive mindset. Often in regards to going to a party or club with liquor and drugs involved. Not necessarily with hostile intentions.
last night we were mobbin' it with 13 heads.
by Luchidizzle September 27, 2004
Going on a trip with the intentions of partying HARD.
We're mobbin' it to Vegas this weekend; Want to come with us?
by Jaunito September 01, 2006
when one is just cruisin, man
look at that guy, he's mobbin it.
by charlee June 04, 2005