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the point at which one feels a definitive change in his or her behavior and equilibrium from the effects of a drug (most commonly in reference to marijuana)
nah, he's a heavyweight, he can blaze mad and not even get a head change
by Luchidizzle September 25, 2004
Where one stabs another with a sharp object (shank). Attacks often centered around obliques (lower front and back sides). Called this because supposedly people watching out for this type of attack would duct tape phonebooks around their abdomen.
Person: "So it was a failed rape?"
Witness: "Hell yea, Mrs. Johnson's 9 year old son came outta nowhere and phone checked his ass with a pencil."
by Luchidizzle September 27, 2004
In Cali at least it means to do something with around a dozen other people with an assertive mindset. Often in regards to going to a party or club with liquor and drugs involved. Not necessarily with hostile intentions.
last night we were mobbin' it with 13 heads.
by Luchidizzle September 27, 2004
when one needs to deficate (shit) while drinking alcohol. most commonly occuring towards the beginning or end of drinking.
i'll be right back i have the beer shits
by Luchidizzle September 25, 2004

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