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Verb. When a large group fo people qiuckly walks, runs, or drives somewhere.

1st person "We mobbed up on that skate park like fly on poop man!"

Third person "Yo, man, i just saw a gang mobbin over to the park."
by whitetrashskateteam April 25, 2006
444 235
To drive around at excessive speeds for no reason other than fun.
Hey bro, I'm goin' mobbin. Chunk deuce playa.
by Tha Reel Milk Dud October 02, 2006
257 160
1. goin somewhere with a group
2. havin hella folks in the cut
3. the homies
4. goin hella fast
1. yo max, we're mobbin to mickey d's. mishin on foot
2. ay we mobbin in this bitch
3. wats good mobbin
4. i mobbin on the interstate
by dont play in tha bay April 21, 2010
154 121
The act of hammering the gas in the middle of full blown traffic and swerving through cars like you are in a formula 1 race. Anyone who mobs it should be able to switch lanes and cut off cars within a fraction of a second. The closer you get to hitting someone, the harder you mob. Mobbin is usually affiliated with slammed cars, heavy metal, windows down, and Talia.
Guy 1: Yo did you see that mazda mobbin it?
Guy 2: Youre a fucking moron. Mazdas can't mob.
Guy 3: Dude I was mobbing it in my honda!!
Guy 4: No. You're all fucksticks.
by #teamtalia January 08, 2013
26 12
Mobbin apparently means: 'Money Over B!*#^%s Because Its Necessary.'

A group of lame Yuba City kids has created a Mobbin group.

People all over town laugh at their idiotic hand signs and feeble attempt at being a gang.

This group is steadily growing, and people are making fools of themselves in pictures all over facebook.
"hey are those kids doin the mobbin sign"

"oh look another picture of kids doin the mobbin sign"

"those kids are definately mobbin, how very Yuba City of them"
by oh_wow07 September 07, 2011
33 67
drivin around findin the spot to post it
"what chu finna do...lets mob"
by justine from the bay March 03, 2005
81 117
to walk somewhere
"we gonna mob to the store"
by jdub December 13, 2002
59 95