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A sound of moaning. To express your disdain for something another person just said, mostly if it's targeted at yourself or if you don't like it. Note: can be in a positive way, too (to show that you like something).

Mostly used in internet relay chat, although possible under other circumstances. Can also be found in an ironical way, where someone uses "moah" to tease people who actually use it all the time.
Bert: it can be found on page 1267 of the book.
Ely: moah, I surely don't look at this myself! Give me a summary!


Vish: maybe ely is more in touch with these kinds of things... :P
Ely: moah -.-
by Vish April 24, 2007
The Mother of all Hangovers! The worst kind hangover you can ever get.
Guy1: Wtf, why weren't you at school?
Guy2: Lolz. I'm still recovering from the MOAH of last Saturday....
Guy1: Puss.
by ShinigamiNL February 16, 2009
An exotic name for a sexy attractive guy with a big penis. He loves to party, he is very talented he is respectful to girls and everyone loves him.
girl 1: Hey did you see what he was wearing today?
girl 2: who?
girl 1: Moah
girl 2: yeah i'd totally blow him.
by Ms.dcd December 30, 2011
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